Please see below a small sample of my testimonials.

“Mike provided tuition for my children covering Maths and Further Maths at AS and A2 level. Not only do they like him as a person, he is clearly highly knowledgeable and, most importantly, they like the clarity of his explanations. They find he is able to teach in minutes a topic teachers have failed to communicate in several lessons.

I would recommend Mike to any student.”

“Mike significantly improved my confidence to tackle a variety of problems I had previously found difficult. His calm approachable manner made lessons conducive to learning and meant I improved from a likely C Grade to achieve an A. I would strongly recommend Mike as a tutor.”

“My daughter had been struggling with Statistics at school but after Mike’s help, she achieved an A in the S2 paper and an A overall in Maths at A2. Mike was a really good tutor. My daughter liked the fact that as well as being knowledgeable and helpful, he was calm and was happy to help her with whatever aspects she was having difficulty with each him.

I would definitely recommend him.”

“I would highly recommend Michael as a tutor. He has an excellent helpful organised approach and remains professional at all times. Mike has great enthusiasm for his subject and is very good at imparting his knowledge in an understandable manner.”

“Mike strikes a perfect balance between covering material quickly and ensuring time is taken in tackling trickier parts of a course – as a result his tutoring is both efficient and cost effective. His approachable manner and passion for Maths make it both easy to ask plenty of questions and his lessons very enjoyable. An excellent tutor.”

“Ernie and I write to thank you for the tuition of Andy for the recent GCSE exam. As you know he was successful; your perseverance and attention to detail was very much appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend you to other parents and students who may need help.”